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Buying Tips
The first step  in buying  real estate is to arrange for the money.  After you have signed the contract for a  property is not the time  to find out that you  cannot get the money.   If you have to liquidate other assets, do so ahead of time.   If you will be receiving the money from a friend or relative, discuss it.  Confirm the   amount  available, when it will be available, and any terms that they may want.
The majority of  buyers need  financing for the purchase.  You should shop for your mortgage company  as  carefully as you  shop for your new property.  Ask what fees they will charge, what the terms will be, and how long it will take to process the mortgage.  Ask for recommendations from  acquaintances.
 When you  select your mortgage company, begin the application process.  The mortgage company can tell you how much  you can qualify to borrow and what it will cost  you.  The process  of building your file can continue right up to the point of getting an appraisal on the property, and you will save weeks of time after you find the perfect property.  You will  also know the necessary price range  for that property.  It can be an unhappy experience to find a property that you love only to  discover  that you cannot get the money for it.
Second  step is to decide the amenities that you  need in the property, note the word "need".  Consider the funds you have available and start with the "need" category.     Select a good real estate broker to work for you as a "single party broker" and  have them  help you survey properties that meet your requirements.  Then if you have enough funds  available, add the "would be nice" items.  Don't forget to include the type of neighborhood that you want  and those  important words, "location, location, location".   Most important, "Buy with your head first, your heart second".