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Homestead Exemption in Oklahoma
The Ad Valorem Code enacted by the Oklahoma State Legislature provides  that a  person owning his personal residence can receive a homestead exemption for that property.  In order to receive this exemption,  the property owner must file an application with the county assessor on  or before March 15th of the year in which they wish to begin the exemption.  The property owner must be the owner of record  in the county clerk's office on January 1 of that year.
As long as  the property owner continues to occupy the property as a homestead, they shall not be required to reapply for such homestead exemption.
This  exemption will provide a small reduction in the assessed  valuation of the property, thereby creating a corresponding reduction in the ad valorem taxes on the property.  For details on the exact amount and the  application procedure, the property owner  should check with their local county assessor's office.