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Property Condition Disclosure

Oklahoma Law (the "Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act", effective July, 1995) requires sellers of one and two unit   residential dwellings to complete , sign, and date a "Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement" and deliver it or cause it to be delivered to a purchaser as soon as practicable, but  in  any event no later than before an offer is accepted by the seller.

 If the seller becomes aware of a defect after delivery of this statement, but before accepting an offer to purchase, the seller must   deliver or cause to be delivered an amended disclosure statement disclosing the newly discovered defect to the purchaser. If the disclosure form, or amendment is delivered to a purchaser after an offer to  purchase has been made by the purchaser, the offer to purchase shall be accepted by seller only after the purchaser has acknowledged receipt of the form or amendment and confirmed the offer to purchase.

 The declarations and information contained this disclosure statement are not warranties, express or implied of any kind, and are not a substitute  for any inspections or warranties the purchaser may wish to  obtain.

 The information contained in the this statement is not intended to be a part of any contract between the purchaser and seller. If the seller has  never occupied the property and can not make  any disclosure because the seller has no actual knowledge of any defect of the property, the seller shall so indicate on the disclosure form and deliver to  the purchaser.