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                                    Title Insurance In Oklahoma

One area of the buying process to which particular attention should be paid is the validity of your title. A clear valid title simply  means that the  title for the property and home you buy is free from any known problems. Problems could result in severe complications, hardship and, in the worst of cases, render your purchase null and  void.
A title company will  perform a complete search of the public records concerning your property, looking for defects in the title. When such defects are discovered, they are reported so that proper  corrective action can be taken BEFORE YOU  CLOSE THE TRANSACTION
However, even the comprehensive search of the public record is limited by the accuracy of the records. Those records are subject to the  same possibility of human error as are all human  enterprises. If you have a title insurance policy issued by your title company and one of these undiscovered errors surface after you have closed the  transaction and received the deed to your home, the title company  will protect you by:
 1. Defending your title, in court if necessary, at no expense to you.
2. Pay any claims against your title which are proved to be valid.
 The good news is that you pay a one-time premium for your title insurance policy at closing and the policy is good for as long as you or  your heirs own the property. The bad news is that you get to pay an additional  small premium for a second policy because your mortgage company must have a policy in their name too. The cost of the first  policy is determined on a sliding scale based on the value of the property.